Im Folgenden finden Sie eine Auswahl wissenschaftlicher Veröffentlichungen rund um MorphoSys’ Technologien und damit verbundene Forschungsprojekte. Die meisten Veröffentlichungen sind nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar.

"Characterization and screening of IgG binding to the neonatal Fc receptor"Neuber, T. et al.; MAbs. 2014 Jul 1;6(4). [Epub ahead of print]
"A fully synthetic human Fab antibody library based on fixed VH/VL framework pairings with favorable biophysical properties"Tiller, T. et al.; MAbs. 2013 Apr 9;5(3). [Epub ahead of print]
"An automated immunoassay for early specificity profiling of antibodies"Frese, K. et al.; MAbs. 2013 Feb 14;5(2). [Epub ahead of print]
"Granulocyte macrophage-colony stimulating factor is a key mediator in experimental osteoarthritis pain and disease development"Cook, AD. et al.; Arthrithis research & therapy, Epub 2012 Sep 20
"Granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor is a key mediator in inflammatory and arthritic pain"Cook, AD. et al.; Annals of the rheumatic diseases, Epub 2012 Jul 24
"Phage Display"Petropoulos, K.; Methods in Molecular Biology, Epub 2012 Jun
"Evaluation of combination therapies with MOR00208, an Fc-enhanced humanized CD19 antibody, in models of lymphoma"Winderlich, M. et al; Presentation given at the 2012 ASCO Annual Meeting, Jun 1-5; citation: Journal of Clinical Oncology 30: 2012 (suppl; abstr 6574)
"Gantenerumab: A Novel Human Anti-Aβ Antibody Demonstrates Sustained Cerebral Amyloid-β Binding and Elicits Cell-Mediated Removal of Human Amyloid-β"Bohrmann, B. et al; Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, Epub 2011 Sep 28
"Antibodies in Metabolic Diseases"Ahrens, B.; New Biotechnology, 2011 Sep; 28 (5)
"HuCAL PLATINUM, a Synthetic Fab Library Optimized for Sequence Diversity and Superior Performance in Mammalian Expression Systems"Prassler, J. et al; Journal of Molecular Biology, Epub 2011 Aug 12
"Synthetic Antibodies Designed on Natural Sequence Landscapes"Zhai, W. et al.; Journal of Molecular Biology, Epub 2011 Jul 23
"Effect of MOR202, a human CD38 antibody, in combination with lenalidomide and bortezomib, on bone lysis and tumor load in a physiologic model of myeloma"Endell, J. et al.; Präsentation auf dem ASCO Annual Meeting 2011, Jun 3-7; zitiert in: Journal of Clinical Oncology 29: 2011 (suppl; abstr 8078)
"Antibody Library Design Meets Drugability"Kunz, C. et al.; Präsentation auf der Recombinant Antibody Conference 2011, Barcelona, May 24
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"Fully human antibodies against the Protease-Activated Receptor-2 (PAR-2) with anti-inflammatory activity"Giblin, P. et al.; Human Antibodies, 2011 Jan 1; 20(3): 83-94
"Structural basis of HIV-1 neutralization by affinity matured Fabs directed against the internal trimeric coiled-coil of gp41"Gustchina, E. et al.; PLoS Pathogens, 2010 Nov 11; 6(11): e1001182
"Inhibition of tumorigenesis driven by different Wnt proteins requires blockade of distinct ligand-binding regions by LRP6 antibodies"Ettenberg, S. et al.; PNAS Early Edition, 2010 Jul 21, Epub 2010 Jul 21
"Isolation and characterization of selective and potent human Fab inhibitors directed to the active site region of the two-component NS2B-NS3 proteinase of West Nile virus"Shiryaev, S. A. et al.; Biochemical Journal, 2010 Feb 16
"In vitro affinity maturation of HuCAL antibodies: complementarity determining region exchange and RapMAT technology"Prassler, J. et al.; Future Medicine, Immunotherapy, 2009 Jul, 1(4): 571-583
"Generation and screening of the synthetic Human Combinatorial Antibody Library HuCAL GOLD"Klagge, I.; Ed. Melvyn Little, Cambridge University Press, Recombinant Antibodies for Immunotherapy, 2009: 75-89
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"Development of recombinant human IgA for anticardiolipin antibodies assay standardization"Knappik, A. et al.; Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 2009 Sep, 1173:190-8
"In vitro affinity maturation of human GM-CSF antibodies by targeted CDR-diversification"Steidl, S. et al; Elsevier, Molecular Immunology, 2008 Nov, 46(1): 135-44. Epub 2008 Aug 21
"Fab MOR03268 triggers absorption shift of a diagnostic dye via packaging in a solvent-shielded fab dimer interface"Hillig, R.C. et al.; Elsevier, Journal of Molecular Biology, 2008 Mar 14, 377(1): 206-19. Epub 2008 Jan 5
"The Human Combinatorial Antibody Library HuCAL GOLD combines diversification of all six CDRs according to the natural immune system with a novel display method for efficient selection of high-affinity antibodies"Rothe, C. et al.; Elsevier, Journal of Molecular Biology, 2008 Feb 29, 376(4): 1182-200. Epub 2007 Dec 15
"Selection of vimentin-specific antibodies from the HuCAL phage display library by substractive panning on formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue"Jarutat, T. et al.; Biological Chemistry, 2007 Jun, 388(6): 651-8
"Crystallization and molecular-replacement solution of a diagnostic fluorescent dye in complex with a specific Fab fragment"Hillig, R.C. et al.; Acta crystallographica. Section F, Structural Biology and Crystallization Communications, 2007 Mar 1, 63(Pt 3): 217-23. Epub 2007 Feb 23
"Recombinant monoclonal antibodies"Donzeau, M. et al; Methods in molecular biology, 2007, 378: 14-31
"Simultaneous metal chelate affinity purification and endotoxin clearance of recombinant antibody fragments"Zimmerman, T. et al.; Elsevier, Journal of Immunological Methods, 2006 Jul 31, 314(1-2): 67-73. Epub 2006 Jun 22
"Generation and optimization of human antagonistic antibodies against TIM-1 as potential therapeutic agents in fibrotic diseases"Brocks, B. et al.; Human Antibodies, 2006, 15(4): 115-24
"Isolation and comparative characterization of Ki-67 equivalent antibodies from the HuCAL phage display library"Jarutat, T. et al.; Biological Chemistry, 2006 Jul, 387(7): 995-1003
"Antibodies for proteomic research: Comparison of traditional immunization with recombinant antibody technology"Ohara, R. et al.; Proteomics, 2006 May, 6(9): 2638-46
"Efficacy of the fully human monoclonal antibody MOR102 (#5) against intercellular adhesion molecule 1 in the psoriasis-severe combined immunodeficient mouse model"  Boehncke, W.H. et al.; The British Journal of Dermatology, 2005 Nov, 153(4): 758-766. Epub 2005 Aug 11
"Protein microarrays for antibody profiling: Specificity and affinity determination on a chip"O. Poetz, et al.; Proteomics, 2005 Jun, 5(9): 2402-2411
"Characterization of high-affinity antibodies by electrochemiluminescence-based equilibrium titration"Haenel, C. et al.; Analytical Biochemistry, 2005 Apr 1, 339(1): 182-184
"Modern antibody technology: The impact on drug development"Moroney, S.E. et al.; Wiley-VCH Verlag, Modern Biopharmaceuticals - Vol. 3, 2005
ISBN: 3-527-31184-X
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"Monoclonal antibodies from phage display libraries"Urban, M.; Arzneimittel-Forschung, 2005, 55 (11): 694-695
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"Antifibrotic effects of a tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-1 antibody on established liver fibrosis in rats"Parsons, C.J. et al.; Hepatology, 2004 Nov, 40(5): 1106-15
"Generation, engineering and production of human antibodies using HuCAL"Ostendorp, R. et al.; Springer, Antibodies - Volume 2: Novel technologies and therapeutic use, 2004: 13-52; ISBN 0-306-48315-7 (v.2)
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"Human combinatorial Fab library yielding specific and functional antibodies against the human fibroblast growth factor receptor 3"Rauchenberger, R. et al.; The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2003 Oct 3, 278(40): 38194-38205
"Kirrel2, a novel immunoglobulin superfamily gene expressed primarily in beta cells of the pancreatic islets"Sun, C. et al.; Genomics, 2003 Aug, 82(2): 130-142
"From EST to IHC: human antibody pipeline for target research"Frisch, C. et al.; Journal of Immunological Methods, 2003 Apr 1, 275(1-2): 203-212
"Antibody discovery: Phage display"Kretzschmar, T. et al.; Current Opinion in Biotechnology, 2002 Dec, 13(6): 598-602
"Fully human, HLA-DR-specific monoclonal antibodies efficiently induce programmed death of malignant lymphoid cells"Nagy, Z. A. et al.; Nature Medicine, 2002 Aug, 8(8): 801-807
"High-throughput generation and engineering of recombinant human antibodies"Krebs, B. et al.; Journal of Immunological Methods, 2001 Aug 1, 254(1-2): 67-84
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"Titration of infective and noninfective Ff filamentous bacteriophages using a monoclonal antibody against g3p"Frisch, C. et al.; BioTechniques, 2000 Jul, 29(1): 26-28
"Fully synthetic human combinatorial antibody libraries (HuCAL) based on modular consensus frameworks and CDRs randomized with trinucleotides"Knappik, A. et al.; Journal of Molecular Biology, 2000 Feb 11, 296 (1): 57-86
"Bypassing hybridoma technology: HLA-C reactive human single-chain antibody fragments (scFv) derived from a synthetic phage display library (HuCAL) and their potential to discriminate HLA class I specificities"Marget,M. et al.; Tissue Antigens, 2000, 56: 1-9
"New protein engineering approaches to multivalent and bispecific antibody fragments"Plueckthun, A.; Immunotechnology, 1997 Jun, 3(2): 83-105
"Setting up a Biotechnology Business in Germany"Moroney, S.E.; Journal of Biotechnology in Healthcare, 1997 Apr 7, 4(1): 67-75.
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"Multivalent antibody fragments with high functional affinity for a tumor-associated carbohydrate antigen"Rheinnecker, M. et al.; The Journal of Immunology, 1996 Oct 1, 157(7): 2989-2997
"Trinucleotide phosphoramidites: ideal reagents for the synthesis of mixed oligonucleotides for random mutagenesis"Virnekaes, B. et al.; Nucleic Acids Research, 1994 Dec 25, 22(25): 5600-5607
"Improved bivalent mini-antibodies, with identical avidity as whole antibodies, produced by high cell density fermentation of Eschericia coli"Pack, P. et al.; BIO/TECHNOLOGY, 1993 Nov, 11(11): 1271-1277